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Key Talking Points


Left to right: Pat Parker, Sue Masten, Hattie Kaufman, Veronica Homer, & Rachel Joseph

Veronica Tiller with Hattie Kaufman, author & CBS TV Anchor woman, WEWIN Conference, Las Vegas, 2013

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  1. How Indians have continued traditional industries such as agriculture, fisheries and forest products and brought them into the 21 century
  2. How the tribes have innovated new businesses, including green and high-tech products and services
  3. How tribes are in some areas the major support of local and regional economies, providing large numbers of jobs to non-Indian communities in tribal manufacturing and service businesses
  4. How the tribes are providing more social services and education to their residents
  5. How all the tribes are working on the preservation of native languages through education and publishing
  6. How tribes are using gaming dollars to upgrade their communities in many ways, from tribal housing to college scholarships to environmental protection of tribal lands, living up to their traditions of caring for all community and tribal members

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